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Something Is Happening

by The Thomas Jefferson Hour

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"When George W. Bush was elected, I was with a friend of mine from Colorado Springs. We were down in New Mexico and we went into this Kwik Shop. We were just kind of chatting away and this woman said, "Were you all from? What do you think of our new president, George W. Bush?" And we said, "well, it's pretty early." She said, "I'll tell you what I like about him. He's not always grammatical, and he may not be good at the use of the English language but he's one of us and he's the kind of guy we want to have a beer with." We just walked out thinking, "Really?" That's your standard? Because he's not grammatical, you like him better? Because if he were grammatical, he'd be one of those over-educated guys?

People like this. People like that [President Trump] does crazy stuff. They like that he's like a character from Jerry Springer. They like that he's a figure from a reality show. We've reached a point in American culture where the line of demarcation between weird, reality pop culture and the actual civics of the country are porous. There are no longer any lines. So the people are like, "Bring it on! Look at the way he's speaking to the Man!" People like this. His 39% couldn't be more happy that he is saying what you would think are crazy, crazy things day after day."


released June 11, 2017


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The Thomas Jefferson Hour Bismarck, North Dakota

The Thomas Jefferson Hour is a weekly radio program dedicated to the search for truth in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson.

Nationally acclaimed humanities scholar and award-winning first-person interpreter of Thomas Jefferson, Clay S. Jenkinson, portrays Jefferson on the program, and he answers listener questions while in the persona of our third president.
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